My mistake. Pan-fried dumplings = sheng jian bao.

My post today was of what I thought were another kind of xiao long bao, or soup dumplings. They are actually sheng jian bao, or pan-fried buns (thanks, Fred, for correcting me!). Apparently there is a never-ending list of Chinese dumpling types. English is so boring. Dumpling is a dumpling is a dumpling, right? Not in China, which has a different name for these little wrapped buns depending on how they are made, where they are made, what size they are, and what deliciousness is stuffed inside them.

I did eat xiao long bao last Friday. This photo below is proof of that (the basket behind the wonton soup is full of xiao long bao).


The steamed buns of my recent post are panfried and usually thicker and heavier than xiao long bao. If you want to read the recipe, check out CNN’s story on typical street food of Shanghai.


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