Chinese Demolition King: I’m Serious About Buying the New York Times

“I find Americans know little about a civilized and open China that has been enjoying unprecedented development. The tradition and style of The New York Times make it very difficult to have objective coverage of China. If we could purchase it, its tone might turn around.”
-Chen Guangbao

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…He wants to purchase the New York Times to make it more objective? Are you kidding me? You would think he’d be more worried about Chinese media outlets and their tradition of “objectiveness”?


He’s not kidding. Chinese scrap mogul Chen Guangbiao wants the world to know that he isn’t fooling around in his attempt to acquire the New York Times. In a Jan. 5 op-ed in the Global Times, a Chinese Communist Party-linked newspaper, the man who made his three-quarters of a billion dollar fortune by knocking down buildings and salvaging their ruins wrote:

“Many people think I’m just bragging. Similarly, a spokesman for The New York Times said that the paper would not comment on the rumor. I just feel bewildered: Why is a Chinese investor buying a US newspaper viewed as a ‘rumor?’ Against the background of increasing economic integration and international cooperation, how can people draw a conclusion that it is a rumor?

I may be a maverick, but it doesn’t mean I like playing tricks. I want to purchase The New York Times. Please do not treat…

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